Our Story

from a dream to reality…

About Sally

Born in the UK Sally, one of the rare 80’s female building tradeswomen moved to France in 1989 where she developed a specialization for ecological building techniques and materials through her business ecovie24. Passionate for an A to Z eco construction, linseed oil became an important ingredient in wood protection and preservation, including custom made natural paints .

In her home Sally, a vegetarian, has also long been making her own cleaning products based on savon noir, a highly esteemed liquid soap used widely in Europe and North Africa, as well as her own skin care and beauty products.

Sally returned to the UK in 2015 with her essential stock of savon noir for cleaning and paint making, but as the stock ran low she discovered that it was unavailable in the UK. In 2017 aiming to retire from the building trade, the idea was born to produce a line of safe, healthy cleaning products based on savon noir with 5 litre jerrycans and refills for both bottles and jerrycans.

From the natural cleaning products, the eco-vie body care range and a great range of plastic-free followed. eco-vie now produce concentrate sachets and offer sugar cane based bottles for life to help reduce single use plastic.

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