Alum salt rock deodorant

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Potassium alum is made of a mineral salt that slows down the proliferation of bacteria, which causes bad odours, letting the skin breathe freely. The safe and effective natural deodorant. Alum has a long history of safe use as a deodorant


Our natural crystal deodorant stones are made from just a solid molded lump of crystallized alum, which is a naturally mined mineral salt.

When wet and applied to clean skin, the mineral salts in crystal deodorant prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria

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1 review for Alum salt rock deodorant

  1. Peter Nicholls

    I think it’s a very good deodorant, I just have to dip it in water and apply under my arms, it’s completely natural and although I use it every day, I reckon it will last me about 5 years, so very good value!

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