Lemon window and mirror cleaner


Wow your windows and mirrors with our natural easy Lemon window and mirror cleaner. Based on vinegar, Savon Noir and lemon essential oil for a super smear-free finish. Spray on and clean with a lint-free cloth or kitchen towel. 250ml



Why we love our Lemon window and mirror cleaner

Our natural and vegan Lemon window and mirror cleaner is easy and safe to use, you can wow your windows and mirrors with our natural easy window cleaner.

How it works

This Savon Noir soap is a pure natural soap made from 100% pure linseed oil farmed and pressed at The Linseed Farm near Horsham, Sussex. It tackles dirt and grease but leaves no harsh or dangerous chemical residues in your home or in nature. It is simply the best all-around cleaning product available.

Based on vinegar, Savon Noir, and Lemon essential oil for a super smear-free finish.
Vinegar deodorizes, removes stains and mineral deposits, putting the sparkle back in your glass.

Loved for its light, clean scent, the Lemon essential oil is also a powerhouse in cleaning recipes. Naturally antibiotic, antibacterial, and antiviral, Lemon is commonly used to degrease stubborn stains as well as freshening the air.

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How to use

Just shake well and spray and wipe clean with a humid cloth or a squeegee. For more stubborn marks, leave to soak a few minutes or use our multi-purpose concentrate.

Suitable on glass, plastic, ceramic.

Available in 250ml, 250ml + 250ml refill, 5 litres and refills.


  • Distilled water – aqua
  • 1% Savon noir -Linseed Oil Soap Sodium Linseedate
  • vinegar – acetic acid
  • >1% Lemon –Citrus limonum essential oils
  • <0.1% Grapefruit seed extract – Citrus Grandis Seed Extract

Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg

250ml, 250ml=250ml refill, 5 litres


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