Savon Noir soap concentrated paste unperfumed 500g

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Make your own home made cleaners using this Savon Noir concentrate as a base. Suitable on tiles, laminate, wood, metal, marble, stone, leather, glass, enamel, plastics, paint brushes, the car, the dog, the horse – hooves, coat, saddle, body, tail… Use it for cleaning just about anything. 500ml


Why we love Savon Noir soap concentrated paste unperfumed all-purpose cleaner.

This Savon Noir base soap concentrate paste is unperfumed and nothing but pure natural soap made from 100% pure linseed oil farmed and pressed at The Linseed Farm near Horsham, Sussex. It tackles dirt and grease but leaves no harsh or dangerous chemical residues in your home or in nature. It is simply the best all-round cleaning product available.

How our Savon Noir soap concentrated paste unperfumed works

Savon Noir has been used for centuries. Our Savon Noir is handcrafted in Sussex from locally sourced linseed oil.

Savon Noir is a highly concentrated and efficient soap that acts as a surfactant that cleans by changing the surface tension, lifting and dissolving dirt and grease, it also kills microorganisms by disorganizing their membrane lipid bilayer and denaturing their proteins.

This product is entirely natural and so perfectly respectful of the environment, it is used in bio-agriculture both against aphids and pests, as well as used to help soil moisture retention. It is the only cleaning product that does not harm but support the environment. Furthermore Savon Noir is a very concentrated product and therefore very economical compared to other cleaning products.

This neutral soap is ideal for mixing your own cleaners and for those with sensitivity to essential oils.

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How to use:

This 500g tub makes 3.33 litres of concentrated soap or up to 160 litres of ready to use general cleaner!

Dilute 150g to 1lt water to create a concentrate. This concentrate can be thickened, if prefered, by adding a saline solution at the ratio of 1 tablespoon saline to 1-litre concentrate at a time, mix well before adding more saline until the desired consistency is achieved.

Use this concentrate 1 tablespoon to 1litre of warm water for general use or use undiluted for stubborn marks.

Suitable on

tiles, laminate, wood, metal, marble, stone, leather, glass,  enamel, plastics, carpets/fabric (always test a small area 1st) paintwork, oven cleaner, paintbrushes,car/boat/bike shampoo, pet shampoo, kennel/stable, water/food bowls. Cleans protects, nourishes and feeds all porous surfaces

. Use it for cleaning just about anything.


If you prefer a thicker liquid, you simply need to add 1 to 2 tsp of saline solution to your mixture following the instructions on the sachet and shake well.

Tips and ideas:

Oven cleaner

Ideal as a safe oven cleaner in a tepid oven. Just cover the area with our soap concentrate, leave overnight and wipe with a humid cloth sprinkled with bicarbonate of soda the following day.

Pet Care

Use our Savon Noir as a natural shampoo for a gentle clean and shiny coat.

Wet the animal, squeeze one or two teaspoons of our Savon Noir onto the coat. Savon Noir is suitable for all parts of your horse including hooves. Rub well and then rinse thoroughly.

For clean, healthy, and safe stables, kennels, baskets, mats, equipment… dilute 1 teaspoon of Savon Noir into 1 litre of water, no need to rinse. For food bowls clean with the same proportions and rinse with clean water.

Garden Care

Not only great for cleaning your patio, garden furniture birdbaths etc, but it is also perfect as a natural aphid, ant, mealybug, and many other garden pest repellent. It is also used in organic agriculture on the soil to help with moisture retention.

Car/boat/bike shampoo

Clean all parts of your car/boat/bike. Great for feeding and protecting wood, leather and plastics. cleans chrome, carpets, fabric, tyres, glass and bodywork beautifully and safely.

Homemade cleaners

This concentrate is an ideal base to make your own homemade cleaners, along with vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, soda crystals, and essential oils.

eco-vie assumes no responsibility for homemade products.

Available in: 80g base concentrate (makes 500ml concentrate), 500ml, 5 litres, and refills for supplied bottles. This Savon Noir concentrate is simply the best all-round cleaners you can find.


  •  Savon noir -Linseed Oil Soap Sodium Linseedate


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  1. Ylva Dahnsjö

    I love this – it’s all you need! A really effective, traditional pure soap- adjust the concentration for different tasks. Artisan made in the UK and zero product miles. What’s not to love?

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